Magento Ecommerce

Magento 2 is a fully customisable platform that evolves with you as your business changes and you grow. Shoppers want to buy when they want, through any channel, on any device, and expect a variety of delivery options. Consumer demand for this flexibility and choice is now driving the pace of technology innovation both online and off. Magento 2 is the leading platform to create unique, limitless, and engaging omnichannel shopping experiences.

01. Discover & Stategy

As part of the discovery we will arrange a multi discipline meeting so that together we will identify the full business requirements to ensure that the technical solution meets the objectives of your project.

As part of the strategy we will identify and understand your integrations with existing systems, warehouse and fulfillment process, shipping methodologies, languages, payment methods and business management information and reporting.

We always use a project initiation document (PID) and wireframe designs as a basis for the development of a project. We will ask that clients sign of that the project objectives and brief including the look and feel of the wireframes meet the objectives and business requirements of the project.

Discover & Stategy

02. Design & User Experience

Working alongside clients, we design customer led ecommerce platforms that engage customers in your products and marketing campaigns, ensuring we keep the user experience at the heart of everything we do. From the initial planning and strategy, through integrated design and development and onto launch and support.

With monthly changes to the mobile landscape - your design needs to responsively perform across all of them. The user experience is what makes the difference between a visit and a sale. Putting users at the centre of design helps to guide them smoothly through your site, introducing them to your product or service and showing them how to engage or purchase.

Our strategic but creative approach means that the design is always aligned with your business goals and your customers expectations.

Design & User Experience

03. Development & System Integration

Magento 2 has been greatly enhanced and features a new site architecture and database structure that is proven across both B2C and B2B solutions.

We are Magento 2 Experts, building innovative Magento 2.xx ecommerce solutions which are robust, secure and resilient. We’ve built a strong reputation for our technical skill. We specialise in custom integrations with 3rd Party backend solution providers, including ERP’s, EPOS, PIM’s, stock & fulfillment, accounting, CRM and legacy systems.

Our team of integration experts can help to make the migration to Magento 2 as painless as possible, we undertake a detailed audit of the integration architecture, assessing all custom development, creating a comprehensive migration plan.

Development & System Integration

04. Growth acceleration & Conversion Optimisation

We work continuously with our clients to optimise their site, monitor analytics and track conversions to ensure they are getting the very best from their website.

We utilise various tools, heatmaps and A/B testing to analyse users’ movements and interactions in order to enhance mobile and desktop experiences, landing pages and the speed of the site.

Our data-driven process will deliver an ecommerce platform that customers want to purchase from and engage with.

Growth acceleration & Conversion Optimisation

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